What do websites and speed dating have in common?

Visitor meet website.

Website, you now have 30 seconds in which your visitor has to decide if there is any sort of a meeting of minds; let alone the prospect of something more physical, like ordering a product, before they dismiss you and move on to the next one.

Just like speed dating, when your turn comes you have very little time to impress.

You may have dressed your home page up to the nines. But even successful businesses may find that 60% or 70% of visitors will only look at a single webpage, take a quick glance and move onto the next one.

So how do you make a connection?

At least with speed dating you usually have a guaranteed 3 or 4 minutes.

And, most importantly, the interaction is both ways.

You can see each other, talk to each other and assess the other’s: dress, body language, personal hygiene, explore common interests, decide if you are both on the same wavelength?

With a website, it’s all a little one sided.

Most visitors will just glance at your web page and move on. You don’t have a chance to say  – well hang on a moment, before you go, how about this?

And how do you start to understand about your customers if you don’t even know they have looked?

Use web analytics to help you find that perfect match

Using the information collected about your visitors, web analytics helps you to refine your website and guide you towards targeting the most promising audience.

After all, if you’re a young lady looking for a nice young man, there is little point in going along to the Femme for Femme speed dating event in Birmingham next Wednesday.

I can’t promise a lifetime of happiness, but you will certainly have a better chance of finding someone who is interested in what you have to offer.