Are you surrounded by data but starved on insights?

Unless you are measuring how well your online marketing and website content is performing you will miss out on the opportunity to learn, improve and, in the end, to increase your profit.

The keyword here is opportunity

Measuring your web visitors’ activity does not necessarily bring you actionable business insights. It depends on how you go about it.

It is easy to start tracking online activity and suddenly become so swamped by data that instead of propelling the business forward it ends up holding it back.

Since having too much information often ends up frustrating decision making rather than aiding it.

If this is your situation the chances are you are looking at the data trying to work out what they could possibly be telling you and how you could use this to your advantage.

Whilst there is a place for this type of analysis, to discover trends and uncover problems, it is no basis for managing your day-to-day marketing budget.

That is why the most important step when starting to measure website visitor behaviour is to determine what really matters to the business. Then set out to make sure that is what you measure and report on.

This way, when you are looking at the statistics the hard work is mostly done, since you have made sure you are reporting information that is relevant and meaningful.

Make web analytics work for you

1. Decide what is important to know.

2. Measure it.

3. Learn from it

4. Profit from it.