Good web analysis begins by asking great questions

What is the purpose of your website?

Is it to sell goods, collect sales leads, attract people to join your organisation, attract donations?

How successful is it? What goods have you sold online? How many sales leads have been generated? How many people have signed up to your email list or become members of your organisation? What donations have you collected?

What makes your customers click?

Where did these visitors come from? Which sources of visitors created the best response? Which pages were most effective at attracting their interest?

How many of them saw the key messages on the home page of your website? What path through your website did the people who bought goods / became sales leads / joined your organisation follow?

Do you use Google AdWords? Which keywords drive the most traffic? Which keywords created the most business?

How many times did they visit your website before converting?

Are visitors on mobile devices as successful at using your website as those with desktops or tablets?

Are there sources of visitors to your website that never or rarely become leads? Did you pay for these? Is it worth continuing?

Do your visitors keep coming back? How much of your website do they explore?

Get better results from your website

Sign into Google Analytics and ask a great question.