Google Analytics Coaching and Training

Develop your Google Analytics and web analysis skills and discover what is really going on with your online business.

I provide classroom training for up to 8 people or one-to-one on-the-job coaching  in the set up and use of Google Analytics in your business environment.

Classroom Training

These courses tailored to your requirements, the syllabuses outlined below are just examples, prior to the training I will review your website and data and agree with you the most relevant topics.

The courses are very hands on and consist of exercises using your data and discussions as well as presentations. Detailed course material is provided.


How Google Analytics collects and processes data
Understanding key terms such as user, session and bounce
How to get the most out of the standard reports
Basic and advanced filters
Secondary dimensions
The various types of segments
Campaign tagging best practice
Real-time reports
Conversion attribution
Data interpretation
Goals and events


Dashboard creation
Custom reporting
Report data sampling
Spotting and resolving common data issues
How Google Analytics identifies visitor sources
How to use your analytics data to drive website improvements
Multi-channel funnels and attribution modelling
Advanced configuration concepts:
– Cross domain tracking
– Roll up reporting
– Cross-device and logged in user tracking
How Google Analytics works with Google Tag Manager
Best practice view configuration

Ideally, we will use your data for all the exercises and examples. This provides the opportunity to review and discuss your website data as part of the session.


Together we can work on any aspect of Google Analytics as it affects your website data and online business.

You will learn as we go, configuring Google Analytics, setting up filters, goals, reports, alerts, dashboards and whatever else you need, and, above all, how to get meaningful insights from the data.

Putting you in the driving seat – The aim is that you should understand what has been set-up and how to develop Google Analytics, as your business and website changes. Leaving you in control.

Preparation – Before we meet, I will review your Google Analytics account and we will discuss your website and online activity and any specific issues you are facing. So when we get together, I will already have some understanding of the situation and what you need, allowing us to hit the ground running.

Please contact me to discuss your training requirement:

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