Which 50% of your marketing spend is wasted?

It was once said that 50% of the money spent on advertising was wasted; the problem was you didn’t know which 50%.

Online marketing is different.

You can see where your customers come from, what they look at and what they decide to do. Whether that is making an online purchase, signing up for a newsletter or downloading a brochure.

It offers a level of transparency way beyond any other forms of marketing or advertising.

What’s more, this information isn’t limited to your customers. It is likely that over 95% of visitors that come to your website don’t convert. These potential customers, were interested enough to look but didn’t buy.

Wouldn’t it be a great if you could find out why?

How web analysis can improve your online business

Web analysis uses your website visitor data to discover how people find and use your website.

This helps…

Improve your visitor acquisition strategy by focussing on the most successful channels.

Understand what your visitors look at and do and how this correlates with conversions.

Identify where visitors leave the site before converting: Are you attracting the right target audience? Are visitors finding what they came for? Is there something wrong with the checkout process? Are there any particular pain points that need to be addressed?

Get Analysing

There are plenty of analysis systems available such as: comScore, StatCounter, Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is the market leader and installed on over 27 million websites (source www.builtwith.com). The free version, which is suitable for all but the biggest websites, can handle over a million visitors a month.

However, more important than which tool you use is how you use it.

Take time to think about exactly what you are trying to achieve from your website and online marketing. Make sure your analytics system is setup to capture the information you need. Involve everyone connected with the website so they know what is going on. Train people to use the tool, so they can properly interpret the data.

And, most importantly, once you understand what is going on, be prepared to make changes.

A successful online business relies on providing a good customer experience; web analysis will tell you if that is what you are doing and helps you understand what more you can do to meet your customers expectations.